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Upcoming Speakers:

                            Do you want to connect with other professionals?

Do you need to build your professional network?

Networking for Professionals

This group meets every Monday afternoon from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm at ValleyWorks Career Center in Lawrence.  Mondays are a great opportunity to connect with professionals from all industries and fields, as well as connect and learn from top speakers from a variety of fields.

Pre-registration is required for each event, members may call the Membership Desks in Lawrence or Haverhill and speak to a staff to register, 978-722-7000. 

All members of the community are welcome.

Our Next Speakers:

Oct 3 - Kevin Willett, CEO, New England B2B

                             “25 Networking Tips to Find Your Next Job”

Oct 17 - Mitzi Weinman, President, TimeFinder
                              “Escaping Your TimeTraps”


Oct 24 - Wendy Wiberg, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech Pathologist, English Onsite

                            “Communicate with Confidence - Overcoming Accents”

Oct 31 - Ken Williams, Sr. Product Manager and Accomplished Photographer

                             “Preparing for a Video Interview”


  Prior Speakers:


Sep 12 - Margie Pascetta & Suzanne Gray, The Entrepreneur's Source

                         “Is Owning a Business a Career Option?"

Sep 19 - Andy Winig, The Elevator Pitch Coach

                         “Elevator Pitch Skills”

Sep 26 - Brooke Lutz, Boston Business Journal

                         “Boston Business Journal - Read Smart”


Aug 29 - Martha Plotkin, Career Coach

                                “Managing a Successful Career Transition”


Aug 15 - Ken Williams, Product Manager

                                “Secrets to Getting a Great Headshot” 


June 20 - Paul Fisher

                             “Life on the Edge”


June 13  - Patricia Hun Sinacole, Boston Globe Columnist 'Job Doc', First Beacon Group, LLC

                             “Tips for Getting a Job in Today's Market”


May 9  - Linda King, Life Coach, ADHD Coach,

                             “The Joy of Getting It Done”


May 2 - Tammy Gooler Loeb, MBA, CPCC
               "Networking for Introverts and Everyone"


Apr 25 - Dr. Edward A. Colozzi, Ed.D., Career Coach

                "Creating Careers with Confidence In A Tough Economy"


Apr 4 - Kevin Willet, Chief Networking Officer, New England B2B Networking Group
                "25 Business Networking Tips to Find Your Next Job"



Mar 28 - Nan MacDonald, Agent, Notary Public, New Yourk Life

              "Blueprint for Financial Success"


Mar 7  - Joan Kulash, Executive Director, Jericho Road Lawrence

                             “Volunteering a Way to Keep Your Resume Updated”



Jan 25 - Fred Earnshaw, Director of Finance & Operations, Groundwork Lawrence

             "Creating Visibility"


Jan 11 - Mike Chase, Presenter and Speaker

             "Practical Tips for Public Speaking"


Nov 16 - Joanne Dennison, Guidance Counselor for Grown Ups
               "Show Them Not Tell Them"

Nov 2 - Juanita Allen, Recruitment & Outreach Manager, The Commonwealth of MA

             “How to Access State Government Jobs”


Oct 26 - Jim Connell, President, Society of Professional Consultants

               “Independent Consulting Get off the Employment Merry Go Round”


Oct 19 - Michelle Wilson, MA LMHC, Inner Oasis Counseling & Coaching

                 “Mindset: Harness the Power of Your Brain”


Oct 5 - Tom Procopio, Certified Community Transit Manager

                 “Be a Rainmaker in Your Job Search”


Aug 10 - Penny Harrington, Adjunct Faculty Member, Boston College

                               "Storytelling in Behavioral Interviewing"

                                  Bring Your Resume





Special Events

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Evening Networking

Networking for Professionals


Quarterly Evening Networking Event

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Networking @ 5pm


Be sure to register and join us for a great evening.

Our Quarterly Evening Networking Event begins at 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Pre-registration is required for each event, members may drop by or call the Membership Desk in Lawrence at 978-722-7000 to register. 

All members of the community are welcome.

Attire: Business Casual

             Our October Speaker:

Representative Jeffrey Oligny 



Upcoming Evening Networking


Save the Date for October & Join us on October 6, 2016


@ 5pm - 7pm

Evening Networking

Networking for Professionals


Quarterly Evening Networking Event

First Thursday of March, June, October 2016

Evening Networking @ 5pm

Networking for Professionals




    Prior Speakers Evening Speakers:



      Mar 2016 - Margie Pascetta, Alternative Career Coach, The Entrepreneur's Source

      Dec 2015 -Tom Procopio, CCTM, Special Project Manager

                         & Kevin Walsh, Certified Financial Planner

      Oct 2015 -  Dan Cowher, Waste Industry VP

      Jun 2015 - Patricia Hunt Sinacole, Boston Globe Columnist, "Job Doc"

      Mar 2015  - Deborah Burkholder, Appia, President & CEO and

                          & Tom McDonough, Appia, Chief Wellness Officer

        Dec 2014   - Helen Williams, Author and CEO HW Consulting

      Jun 2014  - Kevin Willett, Friends of KW

      Mar 2014  - Patricia Hunt Sinacole, Boston Globe Columnist, "Job Doc"

      Dec 2013  - Cindy Key, SPHR, CBM, CBC, CPBS

      Oct 2013   - Steve Balzac, President, 7 Steps

      Jun 2013   - Michael Taylor, Information Security Evangelist, Architect, Manager

      Mar 2013   - Matt Casey, Career Coach      

      Dec 2012   - Helen Williams, Harvard Athletic Administration Fellow, Harvard University

      Oct 2012   - Kim Meninger, Certified Coach, Great Heights Coaching

      Jun 2012   - Kim Bilawchek, Career Coach

      Dec 2011   - Stephen Balzac, President, 7 StepsAhead.com

       Oct   2011  - Elaine Ohlson, Ohlson Consulting





Job Fairs & Special Events


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 Fall Job Fair list of employers








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Upcoming Recruitments



UPS Chelmsford – Job Recruitment

Friday, October 21 10:00am to 12:00pm

Package Handlers
Driver Helper
download flyer for more info
ValleyWorks Career Center - Lawrence

UPS Chelmsford – Information Sessions

Package Handlers 10am
Driver Helper 11am & 12pm

10/26 - Wednesday      10/28 - Friday
10/31 - Monday      11/4 - Friday
11/7 - Monday      11/9 - Wednesday
11/14 - Monday      11/18 - Friday
11/21 - Monday

ValleyWorks Career Center - Lawrence

download flyer for more info


Transportation to and from UPS available
at 5 locations in Lawrence only


Operon - Job Recruitment

Monday, October 12, 2016 - VWCC Lawrence
Monday, November 14, 2016
 - VWCC Lawrence

Monday, October 31, 2016 - VWCC Haverhill
Monday, November 28, 2016
 - VWCC Haverhill


download flyer for more info



Citizens Bank - Job Recruitment

Personal Banker Universal

ValleyWorks Career Center will screen for these positions

For more info and to schedule an appointment, call the membership desk at 978-722-7000






Fidelity House – Job Recruitment

Skills Instructor
Awake Overnight Skills Instructor


ValleyWorks Career Center - Lawrence

download flyer for more info







Wicked Staffing Solutions

Job Recruitment

Customer Service Representative

Thursday, October 20, 2016  1pm to 4pm

ValleyWorks Career Center - Lawrence

download flyer for more info
























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